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Hygienic universal hose specifically tailored to assure utmost purity during the transferof pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical products in aseptic areas. Engineered to combine the technical benefits of a PFA fluoropolymer resin with the elasticity and thermal resistance of silicone materials. Fluorinated, ultra smooth, inert liner of the newest generation built into a high purityhose design. Superior overall flexibility under low or high temperature conditions and high resistance of the structure to thermal stress.

TUBE: PFA (Alcoxy Polymer), fully fluorinated, clear colour, smooth, mirror like. No pick-up of taste and odour. Excellent flex-perfomance (resistance to repeated cycles of bending in accordancewith ASTM D 2176). Suitable for foodstuff contact: material complying with USA Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act Title 21 - P.177.1550 (FDA) and meeting US Pharmacopeia (USP 23 Class VI).

REINFORCEMENT: High strength plies of synthetic cord, embedded stainless steel wire helix AISI 302. Upon demand available with copper wires.

COVER: Translucent silicone rubber (Silicone-3G3362TR), ultra smooth, non-stick, clearcolour and glossy finish. Meeting the standards FDA (CFR 21 - Item 177.2600), US Pharmacopeia (USP 23Class VI) and European Pharmacopeia (IV Ed., P.3.1.9.). The cover can be easily cleaned with any detergents. Non-particle generating version compared to cloth finish. It offers the advantage of a low-friction rate.

  • Diametro interno see data sheet
  • Lenght max 20m

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