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Latest evolution of hose for milk collecting trucks specifically designed to meet the operators demand for utmost flexibility and food safety. The improved lightweight profile facilitates repeated manual operation sespecially in loading/unloading areas. The selected rubber ingredients and compounds of “Evolution” make ita health-safe industrial component for contact with milk and by-products. “Evolution” maintains unaltered the original properties of milk from farmto factory thanks to its advanced constructive profile. Suitable to convey milk and other liquid foodstuffs (wine, fruit juice).


  • TOTALLY FREE from PHTALATES and ANIMAL DERIVATIVESA technically advanced hose absolutely safe for food contact applications.
  • NO RISKS OF CROSS-CONTAMINATION: our strict manufacturing procedures do not allow the use of products with potential risks for health (risk classification R45, R46 or R49). 
  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY at LOW TEMPERATURE: maintains flexibility also in cold environments with the main advantage of not containing PLASTICIZERS in comparison with plastic hoses. 
  • GOOD RESISTANCE against CHEMICAL CLEANING PRODUCTS with stands usual commercial cleaning and disinfection products both inside and outside.

TUBE: NR/NBR rubber (code 198SL), clear, smooth, odourless, tasteless, mirror-like. Complying with FDA food standards, German food legislation (BfRrecommendations, cat. 2) and M.D. 21/03/73 and following amendments. RAL registration for food quality.

REINFORCEMENT: Plies of synthetic cord and embedded galvanized steel wire helix.

COVER: Synthetic polymer, blue, abrasion, ozone and weather resistant, smooth, cloth finish.

  • Diametro interno 25 - 32 - 38 - 40 - 45 - 50 - 52 - 53 - 60 - 63,5 - 70 - 76 - 80 - 100 (values in mm)
  • Lenght max 40m

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